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Plant Aid for Acne

Struggling with acne/pimples or skin issues? Maybe you believe that you will never have clear skin and it's all just genetics, something that can't be changed. I know I used to believe this and had years of breakouts and pimple problems! Rest assured there is help, not just toxic topical treatments that target only the symptom (acne) and rarely work for anyone long-term either. Truth is many only focus on the external, not realizing internal overall health must be addressed.

We all want beautiful clear smooth skin and though genetics do at times put you at risk for more breakouts or being prone to acne, you can combat it with powerful plants! You are not hopeless or powerless over these pimples. Overall health plays a huge role in the health of your skin as well.

Skin is the human body's largest organ.

These herbs will not only benefit your skin but also have major health benefits for the body systemically, taking care of internal needs that affect the external as well. Topical store-bought acne creams can be toxic- filled with synthetic chemicals that come with a list of negative side effects. Most times they can cause further skin irritation or drying, which will actually cause more pimples and large pores. Organic herbs have naturally occurring chemicals that our bodies know how to process, as we were made to ingest them. They are gentle on the body and plum full much-needed nutrients.

Top 3 Plants/Herbs for Acne


Basil contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Basil reduces oxidative stress, supports liver health, reduces blood sugar, supports cardiovascular health, and combats infection. Specifically for skin health, it reduces irritation and prevents overgrowth of acne-causing bacteria.

The natural oils in basil can unclog pores, deeply cleanse the skin, eliminates excess oil, dirt, and impurities. There are a few ways you can use this herb for your skin health:

  1. Eat it! You can just eat organic fresh basil leaves by themselves or mixed in a dish.

  2. Make tea with organic fresh or dried basil leaves. Pour boiling water over the leaves and let steep for 10-15min covered before drinking.

  3. Use organic basil essential oils for topical application. Mix a few drops in a carrier oil or natural lotion and apply to the face once or twice a day or nightly.


Frankincense has incredible benefits for the entire body, including relaxation, decreasing nervous tension, may help fight cancer, reduces inflammation, fights bacteria, and more! It was one of the three gifts given to Jesus, along with gold and myrrh, which indicates just how amazing it truly is as well. Yet, many may not think of frankincense when they think of clear skin. It contains chemical properties that kill bacteria causing acne and also decrease redness and irritation. It is astringent and contains antioxidants that not only heal acne but also prevent clogged pores. It can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, making it excellent for anti-aging skin care.

Ways to use Frankincense:

  1. Use organic frankincense essential oil mixed with a carrier oil or in natural butters (shea, cocoa, mango butter) or natural lotion and apply to the face and neck.

  2. Buy organic frankincense resin and chew on a resin tear. You can also make resin tea or water by infusing a resin tear in water overnight and drinking on an empty stomach or infuse in warm water and drink when cooled.

  3. Burn frankincense resin in a resin burner, which can still be clearing for the skin and amazing for stress/insomnia relief.


Lavender is a well-known relaxing/calming herb. Many use it for anxiety and stress relief and it is a popular scent in lotions and even perfumes. A beautiful herb with numerous health benefits, including doing wonders for the skin. Antibacterial and antiseptic properties help cleanse the skin, while it also soothes the skin and prevents further breakouts. Acne is an inflammatory condition, so lavender can be especially helpful in getting rid of pimples!

Tips on using lavender:

  1. Use organic lavender essential oil mixed with a carrier oil or natural butter/lotion and apply topically to the face and neck.

  2. Grow your own or purchase a lavender plant. Harvest and dry the lavender and infuse in oil and apply topically.

  3. Use fresh or dried lavender in tea. Pour boiling water over lavender flower/leaves and cover, steep 10-15 min or longer before drinking.

What you put in and, on your body, truly makes a difference~

Invest in your health, making sure you read all ingredients and understand how they may negatively affect you and your skin! Another way to ensure your acne will improve and to finally achieve clear skin is to eat healthily! Health starts inside the body. Stress alone can cause breakouts, so take care of yourself by eating well and getting enough rest. Eat lots of organic fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Drink fresh, clean water and herbal teas. Take walks and spend time in nature...if at all possible, try to slow down. Cutting out fake, highly processed, high sodium packaged foods and eliminating using toxic topical creams will make a huge difference.

Do not be afraid to moisturize! It is not true that all oils cause oily skin or clog pores. Organic oils and even butters can work wonders for the skin. Jojoba, sunflower oil, and natural butters like shea are amazing for skin health and perfect for mixing with essential oils.

*This is for general information purposes only and is meant for those interested in natural alternatives and healthy living. This is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If taking medications and dealing with medical conditions, consult a naturopathic physician before adding any herbal remedies, as some can interfere with how certain meds work.


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