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Drink tea

Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Welcome to my nontoxic, herbal, and natural journey! My name is Tracie and my story really began in 2015, after my eyes were opened to the truth about our everyday products.  

I am also a registered nurse, turned passionate herbalist and natural / naturopathic health advocate.  Not only were my eyes opened to the toxins surrounding us, but modern medicine practices as well.  It was a life (and career) changing event.  And although I still believe in emergency care and some medical practices today- it truly is a double-edged sword.  The more synthetic pills a person takes, the sicker they are! One drug may help one organ and harm another. Most lab-created pharmaceutical meds come with a mile long list of adverse reactions, some very serious.  

Unfortunately, many are ignorant to the incredible benefits of herbs and plants.  We live in a fake, packaged food world and most call everything a "weed" and spray it with harmful pesticides.  Not understanding that these plants were created and put here for a purpose.  Herbs contain amazing properties that heal; not to mention antibacterial, antiviral, immune boosting natural chemicals that benefit the entire body! Our bodies know how to utilize what was put here and grown for us! Much of the issue with GMO foods, synthetic chemical additives, preservatives, synthetic drugs- is our bodies were not created to ingest these things.  It affects our main filters (liver and kidneys) after time, as well as causing cell mutations leading to tumor growth and cancer.  Though health care professionals rarely ever link it back to the numerous cancer-causing toxins we slather on our bodies or eat! 

In 2016, I realized how sick I was.  I not only was just a product of this world and listened to mainstream wisdom, but I also socially enjoyed alcohol- perhaps too much.  My liver and gallbladder were affected. I had high bilirubin levels and was having anxiety and heart's been a journey.  I turned to God, because I knew something was very wrong.  I can't tell this story without crediting the Creator, who gave me wisdom in my mind and spirit, that opened my eyes and led me to true healing in His creation.  God is my healer and I trust His creation- plants, herbs, fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc. Things that grow by seed- seeds we did not create (of course they want to alter and genetically modify seeds- find heirloom)! I was led to research, and it was alarming and eye-opening, and I could not believe what was allowed in our products from governments and government agencies that are trusted at large.  To put it simply- I was quite naïve! 

I started with Milk Thistle and Dandelion tea every day.  I also started drinking hot water with lemon and a small amt of honey every morning.  I drank fresh water and exercised.  I was saved from alcohol and stopped completely.  My health (and lab results) only got better and better.  I fell in love with herbs and became passionate about herbal healing and nontoxic living.  I am so excited to share what I have learned, beautiful herbal teas, herbs for ailments, recipes, and so much more! I hope and pray you join me on this life-long journey! 

XO~ Tracie Pagel

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